Canadian Coast Guard College

Canadian Coast Guard College Associate Member
Canadian Coast Guard College
1190 Westmount Road
Sydney, NS B1R 2J6

The Canadian Coast Guard College (CCGC) is situated in
Sydney, Nova Scotia, which is located on Cape Breton Island. Cape Breton is
widely known for its natural beauty. Students attending the College have many
opportunities to enjoy the recreational activities associated with this
picturesque landscape.

As future members of the Canadian Coast Guard, students
are trained to help protect Canada’s 243,000 km ocean coastline, its vast ocean
resources and the individuals who go to sea.

The traditional classroom is not the exclusive place of
study at the Canadian Coast Guard College. Hands-on training comprises much of
the course work. Students receive practical training using complex simulators
and are often required to perfect their skills while at sea.  A state of the art training facility,
committed and professional staff, along with a beautiful setting combine to
create an ideal marine training environment.

Becoming a Fleet
Officer requires diligence, intellectual effort, and commitment. The Officer
Training Program provides Officer Cadets with a complete and thorough
understanding of the ship’s operation and the latest in marine technology.  If you are selected as an Officer-Cadet in the
Officer Training Program, you do not pay tuition, room and board or books; in
fact, we pay you. In addition, you receive free uniforms and clothing and one
trip home each year.

The Canadian Coast Guard Officer
Training Program will provide: