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Founded in 1818, Dalhousie University combines a tradition of excellence with the hospitality of Canada’s beautiful east coast.
Along with the prestige of a big-name school, Dalhousie students enjoy one of the lowest student-to-faculty ratios in Canada (14:1), allowing them to engage directly with Dalhousie’s award-winning professors. Each year, our faculty conducts more than $132 million in funded research, building our reputation as a premiere research university.
Dalhousie offers more than 3700 classes in over 180 degree programs, including a wealth of flexible program options in the Faculties of Science, Arts and Social Sciences, Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture and Planning, and the Health Professions. Many programs encourage hands-on learning through exciting co-op, internship or practicum opportunities. Dalhousie also offers 90 master’s degrees and 40 doctorate programs.
Dalhousie invests nearly $40 million annually in scholarships, bursaries and funding for student jobs on campus, and provides numerous student support services, including specialized services for our 2,100 international students who come from 110 different countries. From academic advising to career development, Dalhousie offers an environment that inspires student success.
With more than 250 student clubs and organizations on campus and sixteen varsity sports teams, Dalhousie offers a vibrant and dynamic campus community in the heart of Halifax, the cultural and economic hub of Atlantic Canada.
A Dalhousie degree is recognized worldwide. Dalhousie graduates form a powerful network that is making important contributions in all walks of life. For more than 200 years, the university has shaped and informed generations of Dalhousie minds — including the first female Supreme Court of Canada judge, the first American woman to walk in space, and 86 Rhode Scholars so far.
For specific admission requirements, application deadlines, and information on Dalhousie’s entrance scholarship program, visit dal.ca.