Jane Norman College

Jane Norman College Associate Member
Suite 1
60 Lorne Street
Truro, NS B2N 3K3

Our Mission
IHSE is commmited to quality education and social advancement to enhance the lives of children, youth and adults.

Our Philosophy
In our programs we endeavor to provide students with a balance of theoretical and practical experiences to prepare them to work in many different enviornments. We are commited to lifelong learning and we are advocates for change through education. IHSE believes that graduates must have an understanding of the theories of human growth and development; have an ability to plan; implement and administer a balanced curriculum and/or program; have a variety of practical experiences; display integrity, caring and professionalism in all interactions with children, youth, families, professionals and the larger community.

Our History
IHSE was orginally founded in 1976 and was housed at the Nova Scotia Teachers College. The first program offered provided education for daycare personnel. Recognized both nationally and internationally programs continued to grow and develop to include Special Education, and Public School Program Assistant. In 1992 the college moved from under the auspices of the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College and the provincial government and became a non-funded, not for profit college. In 1996 programs and staff relocated its present Lorne Street location to better meet the needs of students as well as to accomodate the new Youth Worker Program, the Dr Jane Norman Child Study Centre (our on-site daycare), our early intervention program and our child and youth library services. In 2002 the college was renamed, “The Institute for Human Services Education” to reflect our diverse programs and services. Since 2002 IHSE has added a Family Home Child Care Agency and an After School Program at Truro Elementary School to our list of services. We consider our heritage a firm foundation on which we can continue to design, build, and deliver human services programs that will continue to meet the need of the students and communities we serve.