Maritime College of Forest Technology

Located in Fredericton, the Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT) started in 1946 as a cooperative effort between the Maritime Provinces and lumber sectors of those provinces, and was designed to retrain war veterans to prepare them for a career after returning home. The college now operates two campuses to offer our programming in French as well, with the second campus located in Bathurst.

The Maritime College of Forest Technology offers two diploma programs: the Forest Technology Diploma Program and the Fish & Wildlife Diploma Program.

The Forest Technology Diploma program covers silviculture, harvesting methods, forest dynamics, forest fire management, and outdoor survival, among other courses.

The Fish & Wildlife Diploma program offers summer, fall, and winter outdoor field camps where students learn hands-on skills including stream health surveys, seine netting, and deer necropsy. Preparation and display of skeletons and skulls, predator camera setup, and duck banding are additional skills that you will learn in this program while back on campus.

Students also have the opportunity to take required & relevant certifications including firearms safety, restricted firearms safety, ATV and snowmobile safety, helicopter safety, chainsaw operation, and hunter/trappers education, alongside their classes to ensure that they are as hireable as possible upon graduating.

The College offers many extra-curricular opportunities as well, including lumberjack sports, hockey, plant propagation, fly-tying, and a variety of other activities that are student driven.

MCFT students have access to three large woodlots where in-class teachings are put into action. These three woodlots are: the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Woodlot, the Kingsclear woodlot, and the Acadia Research Forest. The UNB Woodlot is 3,815 acres, and is a two-minute walk from the MCFT Campus. It is accessible to students at any time to use for education or leisure. The other two woodlots are used as destinations for field instruction and research, and encompass over 23,500 acres!

MCFT is a place of higher learning that strives to model a workplace environment. As such, we promote a responsible work ethic, discipline, punctuality, accountability and team approach to problem resolutions and project completion.

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