Moncton Flight College

MFC has a rich history in flight training that dates back to 1929. MFC has trained students from 60 countries and has been recognized internationally for its dedicated focus on quality and safety.

With 90 plus years of experience as an industry leader, we educate and develop aviation professionals with state-of-the-art curriculum, highly qualified instructors and modern facilities and equipment. These activities are carried out in a safety-oriented training environment on a financially viable basis.

Since its inception, MFC has taught over 21,000 pilots from around the world to fly. Graduates from MFC pilot aircraft in every corner of the planet, and hold senior positions throughout the world with airlines, aviation authorities and other aviation stakeholders.
MFC offers a variety of flight training options from recreational to private and commercial programs including Transport Canada approved integrated commercial pilot training – MFC is one of a handful of schools in Canada approved to complete integrated flight training. Canadian integrated commercial licenses are quickly becoming some of the most sought after credentials in the world; the integrated courses offer flexibility once training has been completed.

MFC is one of the largest flight schools in Canada with two campuses, one in Moncton and the other in Fredericton, NB. MFC has a fleet of 65+ aircraft including Cessna 172 (M model), Cessna 172s models, Diamond DA20C1 eclipses, Piper Seminoles and 2 King Air C90’s as well as 8 FTD approved simulators.