St. Stephen's University

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8 Main St.
St. Stephen, NB E3L 3E2

St. Stephen’s University (SSU) is a non-denominational, government chartered, Christian university located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Founded in 1972 to fill a gap in Canadian higher education, SSU was formed to provide an education that was both definitively Christian and rigorously academic. Today, SSU represents an innovative approach to education that focuses on intentional community and study abroad, while remaining true to its original vision of providing Christian men and women with a premiere liberal arts education.

At under 100 students, SSU is Canada’s smallest university. Most students live and attend classes in the same building where our administrative staff work. We share meals together, clean together, worship together, learn together. Additionally, each undergraduate spends two full terms studying abroad in Europe and Asia. Unlike other universities, our study abroad programs are fully integrated with our curriculum, providing students with a chance to see first-hand the cultures, artifacts, works of art, and architecture they have studied in the classroom.

An SSU education is a life-changing experience. Indeed, the impact of SSU’s work is measured largely by our remarkable graduates, who have gone on to serve and lead in a wide range of callings, both at home and on the international stage. Many of our undergraduates go on to higher degrees, an indicator of our ability to instill a love of learning.