St. Thomas University

Founded in 1910, St. Thomas boasts a unique campus community that is united by scholarship and friendship. Our community of learners and leaders spans across Canada and around the world in the shape of award-winning authors, Rhodes Scholars, a federal court judge, a prime minister, a premier, an Olympic athlete, and the Speaker of the Senate of Canada.

St. Thomas University is a traditional liberal arts college in the purest sense—we focus exclusively on the humanities and social sciences. With more than 30 academic departments, students and faculty engage in the study of cultures, languages, behaviour, social justice, global awareness, communications, and the history of human interaction. Our graduates go on to successful careers and are accepted into advanced degree programs in universities around the world, including Oxford, Harvard, Fordham, University of California-Berkeley, and Baylor.

Teaching is our priority. We want our students to succeed, to grow in self-esteem, to experience the joy of intellectual accomplishment. We provide an educational environment in which faculty are accessible, flexible, and committed to excellence in teaching. Our exceptional faculty members are experts in their fields, with 99% of full-time faculty holding their PhDs. They teach class, conduct their own research, earn prestigious awards, and act as involved mentors in the lives of our students.

Your average class size at STU will be made up of 27 students. Your professors will know your name, your opinions, your strengths and weaknesses. They will invest in your academic success and guide you toward your goals.

Recognized nationally, our campus is stunning with an upper and lower courtyard, state-of-the-art buildings, a gorgeous study hall overlooking the city of Fredericton, and smart rooms for dynamic classes.

St. Thomas University is a university primarily concerned with people, ideas, and values—an institution with a social conscience. The liberal arts, and the principles of liberal education, stand at the core of St. Thomas University, and we contend that one of the roles of the university is to help people put ideas and values into action throughout Canada, the United States, and the world.

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