Université de Moncton

Université de Moncton, with its student population of 5000, is the largest Canadian French-only post secondary institution outside of the province of Québec. It has three campuses offering over 165 programs including Business, Education, Health, Forestry, Sciences, Engineering as well as Arts and Social Sciences.

Université de Moncton offers a unique program called the Groupe-Pont  (Bridge Program) for French Immersion students. This tailor-made transition program allows immersion students to pursue their post-secondary studies in French, thus rendering them fully bilingual and bicultural. This is a definite advantage in today’s professional job market.

A simple oral test is required for admission, which is the case for most students who graduate from French Immersion Programs throughout Canada. The program includes full protection of the second language and help in French is guaranteed throughout the whole duration of the diploma. Anglophone students do not require more time than Francophone students to complete their undergraduate program.

“When I started a uMoncton, I was worried about being able to succeed at a Francophone University. But I was pleasantly suprised by the many services available to Groupe-Pont students. My French capabilities grew exponentially during my first year, preparing me effectively for the rest of my studies. My Groupe-Pont family ensured I had the support I needed to overcome my insecurities and set myself up for success.”

Emily O’Donnell, Sussex, NB
Education student
Sussex Regional High School, Class of 2017

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