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Guidance Counsellors

You play a vital role in helping students determine which path is right for them. With institutional profiles, AARAO Fair schedules, best practice resources and more, we are here to help you.

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We understand the pivotal role Guidance Counsellors play as educators in helping your students find their best post secondary fit. We also understand and appreciate how busy a guidance counsellor can be.

Counsellors play a pivotal role as educators by helping students find the best post-secondary fit based on their interests, goals, and academic history. AARAO works with counsellors to provide up-to-date information on its members, their programs, and the admissions process through the annual post-secondary fairs and regular communications.

For information on the AARAO fairs, please visit our Virtual Fairs page.

If you are a counsellor looking to connect with AARAO regarding the fair and other general information, please contact the Recruitment Outreach and Planning (ROPC) Chair. For specific institution inquiries, please contact the institution directly.

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